QMCG’s Hearing/Presiding Officer service formalizes more than 25 years of fair hearing and negotiation support to in-house counsel, general counsel and medical staff. Our consultants are health care attorneys, each with more than 15 years of health care experience, who serve as Presiding Officers (when a hearing panel is chosen) or as Hearing Officers (when this option is chosen).

Who Needs Hearing/Presiding Officer Support?

  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Managed care entities
  • Any other health care entity that provides for administrative or mediation proceedings that affect a physician’s ability to continue to practice in relation to that entity

What Services Are Offered?

  • Presiding Officer to assist the hearing panel in performing its duties and otherwise manage the hearing process consistent with governing documents
  • Hearing Officer to assist the health care entity in establishing the hearing schedule, to conduct the hearing and to prepare required documents consistent with governing documents
  • Medical staff mediation in informal and formal negotiations and remediation matters

Why Choose QMCG’s Hearing/Presiding Officer Support Program?

QMCG maintains a highly qualified panel of attorney-consultants who work with and support in-house and general counsel, medical executive committees and governing boards. These individuals have:

  • In depth experience in managing medical staff matters and conducting administrative hearings
  • Comprehensive understanding of the unique requirements of medical staff bylaws and related fair hearing plans
  • Long-term experience and knowledge of standards of care and citizenship requirements expected within the administrative hearing process
  • Provision of objective guidance to physician panels
  • Effective negotiating skills in assisting in mediation processes and effectively managing competing interests
  • The capability of working with and educating your medical staff office professionals, quality staff and physicians in the hearing process, individual formal roles and hearing process expectations

QMCG Presiding and Hearing Officers:

  • Manage the hearing process procedure review and planning consistent with the medical staff bylaws (and federal and state law to the extent applicable)
  • Coordinate with the medical executive committee attorney representatives and the medical staff and quality offices
  • Conduct the hearing onsite at your designated location in a dedicated time block or over time in projected time increments
  • Prepare a report and recommendation (or assist the hearing panel in doing so) and/or other required documents as provided for in the medical staff bylaws that is accurate, complete and supported by the record
  • Such other duties as are consistent with the medical staff bylaws

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Key Contact

Melinda E. Whitney
Director of Quality Management Services

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