Please note that as of January 1, 2018, this service line is offered exclusively under INCompliance, an affiliate of QMCG. 

With changes in reimbursement, franchise permit fees and more stringent regulations, providing long-term care services is more challenging now than ever. Our consultants can help you meet those challenges. We provide expert assistance to long-term care providers in the following areas:

Certificate of Need

Our Certificate of Need (CON) expert will prepare and submit your Certificate of Need application and support you throughout the process.

Nursing Home Licensure

Our Nursing Home consultant will assist you in meeting licensure requirements throughout planning and implementation of beds sales and acquisitions, ensuring that the beds remain “valid” throughout the process.

Bed Sales and Acquisitions

Do you need additional long-term care beds? Are you struggling with low occupancy rates? QMCG brings providers together to relocate beds to areas where they can be better utilized to enhance operations. Our Certificate of Need expert can assist you throughout the process by negotiating terms for bed transaction agreements and ensuring your interests are met throughout the process. We provide:

  • A plan review to address licensure requirements
  • Consultation on staffing requirements
  • Preparation of variance requests
  • Preparation of requests for a change in licensed capacity
  • Interaction with the Ohio Department of Health throughout the licensure process
  • Nursing Home Certification
  • Inspections and Enforcement information
  • Franchise Permit Fee (Bed Tax) information

Franchise Permit Fee

Our nursing home consultant will ensure that your interests are met during negotiations for allocation of the franchise permit fee associated with bed sales and acquisitions. They will also advise on the optimal time for de-licensure of beds being relocated and the licensure of beds at the receiving facility to minimize your franchise permit fee liability.

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Key Contact

Christine Kenney
Director of Regulatory Services

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